Sunday , 16 December 2018

Agrima Indian Girl Looking Well-Mannered Love Partner Online

Agrima Indian Dating Girl

Agrima Indian Girl Looking Well-Mannered Love Partner Online

I’m an active person with lots of interests and likes. I’m open-minded, creative and purposeful,  usually get on well with others and have pretty good leadership qualities. I can characterize myself as a strong personality and I’m ready to face hardships ,they are sent to make us stronger and wiser. It’s important for me to have friends and to be the one as well. I love respectable people and I can’t stand deceitful and greedy ones. Generally I’m simple and easygoing, ready for new acquaintance and open for new relations. I enjoy active pastimes like skating, swimming, going to the gym etc. Love spending time with friends  we often go to watch movies and just walk together. My favorite activity is figure skating  and yes, I’m quite good in it. What’s more, I love music ,primarily pop. I’m rather practical and domesticate. My cup of tea is cooking. I’m looking for a man who can be a real support for a woman reliable, smart and well-established. A real man, my dream man has to be mature in mind and know for sure what he’s expecting from life! What’s more, I really hope he’s a one woman man. And I’m ready to be a caring wife and a loving friend for him. He is social, with sense of humor, real gentleman. He can support a woman he loves and achieve his goals. His top priority is family and kids.

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