Sunday , 16 December 2018

Bihaani Nepali Girl Looking For Love Relationship Future Partner

Bihaani Nepali Dating Girl

Bihaani Nepali Girl Looking For Love Relationship Future Partner

I am very fun loving person.I like to enjoy life, as it is very short.Thus I think that we should take as much out of it as possible.I am also very loyal and dedicated person. When I find my love – I will only love him and devote myself to him – the only one. I like sports very much.I go to thy gym three times a week, since I like to stay in shape.I also like drawing very much. When I have time I would go out and draw.I get the peace in my mind and my creativity rises.I would like to find an ordinary man, but who is dedicated to his family. I want him to be very devoted to our family and strive to make it better every day. As I will do that too. I want to find a man who will love me.I wish that our children had Dad who always spent time with them. In my childhood I have always spent time with his father, and I know how important it is to have an ongoing relationship with their parents.I wish that we had always traveled only family. With my future man, we must be one.I have a very gentle and docile nature, I love children and I love animals.I like to focus on the family, parents, sister.I like to help all the people I love.In my family, always love and understanding, and on this I know what should be the ideal family.I will also create an atmosphere of love in the family.I want to meet that man who really will love me and will be faithful and caring.With whom we can rely on each other and share everything.I want to be with a man who can be fun, witty and passionate man but who is responsible and reliable husband.

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