Thursday , 13 December 2018

Two Best WordPress Seo Plugins You Must Use

WordPress is the biggest CMS blogging system in the internet world. It is the great discovery and about 80% webmasters use WordPress blogs.
WordPress is easy and very flexible CMS system.There are two big blogging system on the internet.One is Blogger and second is WordPress.
Most People use WordPress, because WordPress support many kind of plugin. That’s why WordPress is more popular than blogger.
Our Topic is about Seo Plugins. WordPress support unlimited Seo Plugins, but two Seo Plugins are very popular related to WordPress.

Two Best WordPress Seo Plugins You Must Use

Two Best WordPress Seo Plugins You Must Use

Two Best Seo Plugins:

1.All In Seo Plugin:

All in one seo plugin is old and very popular WordPress seo plugin.It remained on top for many years, and most webmasters took advantages from all in one seo plugin. Now many new options has been introduced in this plugin.Again this plugin taking its place and in few days, it will be on top again.

2.Yoast WordPress Plugin:

Yoast is the latest WordPress seo plugin and about 70% WordPress blogs using Yoast Plugin as their seo plugin. The main thing that is very popular and is the secret of Yoast plugin’s success, is its built-in “Sitemap” . Yoast is best seo plugin. If you want to get noticed in the top Search ranking then you must use Yoast SEO plugin. Yoast is the latest WordPress SEO plugin that can help to build to rank in the Search Engines.

These are two best Seo Plugins in 2014. Yoast is my favorite plugin and I personally suggest you to use Yoast WordPress seo plugin.

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